KARL LAGERFELD | Age means nothing!

Posted in BUZZING, DESIGNERS by PerpetualForma on October 23, 2009

This is yet another reason why Karl Lagerfeld is one the great artist of our time. Karl (and his team…of course) have managed a way to create an image that both transcends classic elegance and a crystal clear cascade of youth culture (you like that huh…”cascade”). There is a reason why we all appreciate his work; young and old. It’s because we can all find something to identify with. Whether it’s the mod usage of black, the neo pop style graphics, or that brand that he directs…what’s it called again, ohh yeah Chanel. In my opinion, he is the role model we should be tailing profusely (apart from my personal favorite Marc Jacobs), and he isn’t then you suck and you should look into a career in the automotive industry…I here it’s very promising these days.

Karl Lagerfeld

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