Louis Vuitton Report ‘-‘

Posted in PARTIES • EVENTS by PerpetualForma on June 25, 2009

Here are a couple of shots taken at the presentation. Marc Jacobs never lets us down does he? Apart from his limitless talent and ambition, He remains my favorite designer for the unwavering “wow” factor. There is always something rather “black sheepish” about his collection that keeps both his fashion shows, as well as his collection(s) worth wild.

I, on a whim, purchased his Fall ’09 wool sportswear blazer, and I have to admit that I am still waiting for the opportunity to knock it off…straight up. I mean, when it’s right it’s right! I see no problem with “knocking things off” if it’s for the right reason(s). What is the right reason? You know what that is. As a designer, a real designer anyway, you get a gut feeling whenever your treading on thin copyright infringement ice. If you don’t, then that just means you are not “knocking off”…you are drawing inspiration! ahhhhhh!

How sexy are these mannequins?

Remember, this is the cruise collection; see the rope detail.

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